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1 the Road by an Artificial Neural Network

Art + Machines

Triste Tropique, Topographies of Sadness by Damien Rudd & Cécile Coulon

Follow Me - Collecting Images Today

Danser l'image. Le Ballet national de Marseille direction (LA)HORDE

JBE <3 Art

Elder Sex by Marilyn Minter

JBE <3 Artists

Un Dîner Protest Food - Collectif Enoki

JBE <3 Food

Change the Name of the Days by David Horvitz

JBE <3 Kids

THEORY by Kenneth Goldsmith

JBE <3 Poetry

Franck Leibovici - Édition limitée - Quelle heure est-il ? [La madone à la plaine, Raphaël] /10

Limited Editions

Elder Sex by Marilyn Minter

New and notable

Peanuts minus Schulz by Ilan Manouach

Uncreative Writings